Mathew Isenor

  • CrossFit Level 1

Started CrossFit: 2013

How long have you been a coach: Since 2017

Favorite WOD: It’s unnamed but it’s awesome! A 30 minute emom of snatches and it’s great!

Least Favorite WOD: Running or burpees… honestly. In any order.

What is your fitness background: Athletic throughout youth and university. I first grabbed a barbell early in high school while training for sports and fumbled through pretending to clean, snatch, deadlift, bench, squat, and of course the curls!

What is your training like: My training is sporadic, routine is the enemy and the toughest to keep for me. Easier in the winter and fall but brutal in the summer.

Matt Isenor

What is your diet/nutrition: I try not to eat processed foods or carbs for the most part. Everything in moderation. If I’m cooking for myself than it’s usually meat and vegetables with rice. Having said that, there is zero chance that I will stay away from a good taco!

What are your goals: Well seeing as I’m currently nursing an injury, my current goals are to get better and then proceed from there.

What do you do outside the gym: Until recently, I’ve tried to stay as active as possible through sport. CrossFit, dodgeball, football, soccer, squash, and cycling. I’m usually up for anything and love being introduced to new things…. paddle boarding anyone?

What do you like most about CrossFit: CrossFit is a great challenge. And seemingly it’s not getting any easier…

What drew you to CrossFit: I was looking for a challenge…. and I found it.

How has CrossFit changed you: CrossFit took away any fitness dignity I thought I had.

Why did you become a coach: I became a coach to become better at understanding and increasing my knowledge about the CrossFit movements and be able to be a bigger part in the community. I am still at the very early beginning stages and look forward to learning everything else.